Friday, December 14, 2012

The Dollar Report: This is how the declining value of the US dollar is affecting you

  On the list of most valuable currencies in the world the dollar came in at # 11. This is due to our high national deficit, a decrease in demand for US treasury notes, currency exchange rates, etc. The dollar is still one of the most popular and most trusted currencies in the world. The decline in the dollars value is a problem, because it has affected the dollar's buying power. Which has caused the cost of buying imported goods to increase. However, businesses have chosen to shift this expense over to you the consumer by raising their product prices. Which will affect you at the pump, grocery store, and any other place of business that buy and sell imported goods. Some experts want the dollar to decline, because they think it will help the U.S. economy. These experts believe that a weak dollar will lower the price of our exports, which will make our products more competitive in foreign markets around the world.
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